There is no second chance at a first impression.  With snapshot photography, you may not even get a first impression. See here.  Chet presents the property in a manner that allows viewers to make an emotional connection with it.  As a real estate professional, your use of professional photography in marketing materials also builds your client's confidence in your ability to sell their home.  

Should I use a Professional Photographer?
Can you afford not to use a professional?  With 90% of home buyers searching online, do you want your property to be lost in the sea of snapshots, or do you want it to pop out and draw in more detail views?   Think you cannot afford a professional? Wait till you hire and amature!

How long does a photo shoot take?
Time allowance depends on the number of images taken, however you may expect anywhere from 1.5-2 hours for 10-15 photographs, up to 4 hours for 30-50 photographs.   

How can I best prepare the property for photography?
Your realty firm probably has prepared what to do to prepare. If not, click here to download a free copy, but here's a brief overview:  The property should be clean and free of clutter! I cannot stress this enough! Too many personal items detract from the appearance..  Most importantly though, it should be clean and neat.  At our own discretion, we may move or shift a few small items to improve a photo; but we cannot be a cleaning or moving service and must follow the rule that,
"If you see it, the camera will see it better! It may be photographed."

What if it's raining or overcast during the appointment time?
If it's just overcast and not actively raining we may have to reschedule.  If it's actively raining, you are welcome to reschedule.   

How soon until I can download my pictures?
Usually within 24 hours of the shoot completion, I’ll email the link to the download the images. If you want your images on CD/DVD, please ask. There is no additional charge but mailing time will take a few days.  

How far will I travel?
If I was flying a jet, 1000 miles is just a few hours away. But in Atlanta,   pricing includes travel of up to 30 minutes each way from my location in North Fulton, which is roughly 15 miles in Atlanta traffic.  Further (actually longer) travel is always an option and can be quoted prior to booking.

Will you photoshop out power lines, street signs, etc?
I suggest your read this. Is Misrepresentation a Serious Problem in Real Estate Photography? Unless you specifically request alterations to the photograph, all wires, power lines etc. will be shown. Let’s discuss this. While I can do just about anything, the question of ethics is what we are talking about. Fair enough?

You didn’t address my specific question or concern ?
I’m sure you may have additional questions. Please email or call me and I will be happy to discuss your listing photograph needs!

What if I don’t like the photos you provided?
Well, you can’t please all the people all the time. It’s could happen. Therefore, see my guarantee on the home page on the sidebar.

Do I (the agent) own the photos provided?
No, the Copyright belongs to us. However: you are granted the rights to use, distribute, license (but not re-sell) the photos for any reason related to the sale of the real estate for the life of the listing and any subsequent renewal by the same agent. If the listing expires or the house sells, then the rights to use the photo expires. This license is acceptable by all MLS’s services as you do have the right to license the use of the photos to the MLS. Of course, each MLS has specific requirements for use of the photos. If you have any doubts, it would be best to contact your firm’s legal department.


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